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From my studio in the South Coast of England I design, make and sell handmade travel journals, books, scrapbooks binders, and organisers.

All items can be bought directly from my Etsy store where you can also add customisation options.

Each item is handmade to order. If you want something that is not shown here or in the Etsy store, contact me to discuss your requirements.

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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Steampunk ring binder, planner, folder, organisation folder, wedding planner, journal, a handmade cover featuring polymer clay and other materials.

Steampunk-Ring binder-planner-folder-organisation-folder-wedding planner-handmade cover

Steampunk-Ring binder-planner-folder-organisation-folder-wedding planner-handmade cover

Steampunk, Ring binder, Polymer clay, planner, folder, organisation folder, handmade cover A5 size personalised and customisable now available from my Etsy shop 

The binder shown in the picture is from the Steampunk Range, it is designed for constant use, like in and out of your handbag use so it is sturdy, robust and very tactile. 

Beautifully decorated A5 binder book with ring clasps inside. The cover is made from canvass board that has been lovingly decorated with polymer clay and the materials to give a truly unique tactile finish. 

Have it your way. Personalisation and customisation.
The binder you would receive does not have to be the same as the one in the picture (although it can be if you want) this is your chance to design your very own book to suit your style or theme. If there is a particular phrase, word, name image etc you require this can be added to your order at no extra cost. 

If you have no specifics but want something unique then you can just let me do my thing and I do not doubt you will love the results. 

The binder can be used as a sketch book, a note book, a scrap book, idea book, planner or pretty much anything else, the best part is that it will never get mistaken for someone else's! 

An ideal item for anyone with a passion for the individual and unique.

Note: All orders take 10 working days to make and post.

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