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Friday, 24 January 2014

Lily Trio free digi.

Morning all,

As you all know I drew Tiger Lilly the other day and she was made available for free on the People page. (this is relevant, bear with me) Well last night I had the urge to do some colouring... I know.... total shocker huh..... for those who are unaware, I very rarely colour my images the Anonymous Stamps DT can do a much better job and so I normally leave it to them but on this occasion I grabbed the opportunity whilst the urge was there, took up my Derwent Coloursoft pencils and then sat for an hour trawling this blog while I decided what to colour.

Then inspiration hit I wanted to colour some flowers but alas.... our range of stamps seemed to be limited in the flower department so instead of just drawing some flowers which would distract from the colouring urge I cheated, sssshhhhh..... I took the flowers from Tiger Lilly (see I told you it was relevant) and made them into a digi on their own here it is, its called Lily Trio.

I thought they would be nice for many occasions, Birthday, Mothers Day, With Sympathy, etc so I am going to add them to the collection, they are on the Everything Else page if you want them.

And here is the result of my colouring attempt, as I said I used Derwent Coloursoft pencils as my abilities with Pro Markers are limited and I love the way you can get a nice gradient of colours with pencils. 

Now is your opportunity to show me what you can do with the image, I am sure they will all be fabulous and will no doubt put mine to shame. Why not take the image have a go and enter it into our challenge you may even win the Guest DT spot! 

Have a great day! 


  1. Beautiful! Thank you...
    Ardilla :)

  2. These are lovely, thank you.

  3. Tolle Blüte, danke fürs zeigen
    glg Gertrude

  4. You did a great job! You should color more often. I try to color something every day. I've still got bead fever, so coloring has taken a back seat for awhile, but I've got so many beautiful images, I've go to get coloring. Thanks for posting your colored pic.

  5. Ist wunderschön, danke für den Dounload
    glg Gertrude

  6. thank you they are great

  7. Wow, such a great drawing of a tiger lily. I know, because I use to sit under a tree that was filled with tiger lilies and they smelled great and faeries, I was only 5 and ljvery imaginative. It was before TV.

  8. Wow stunning your coloring is amazing you should do it more often.
    thanks for the great lily,s they are gorgeous. I have been trying to find honeysuckle as its my mums. Favorite flower, have you ever done honeysuckle before ?

  9. Boy, do I wish I could color like you did! The lilies are absolutely beautiful!

  10. This is just BEAUTIFUL and I must tell you that this means so much to me. My Granny ( born in 1884) loved Tiger Lily's. My Granddad had a huge tire at least five feet across t hat he prepared for her Tiger Lily's. They were magnificent on their mountain-top. Thank you.

  11. Wow, for not being one to color much you did a magnificent job on these tiger lilies! Thanks for the wonderful image also.