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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to make digital stamps

Making Digital Stamps Tutorial

Here is a quick video as requested showing how to make your own digital stamps.

Please note:  

I have had a request from Stamp Out to include an important message to 

accompany this video for budding digital stamp creators, I am very happy 

to be supporting Stamp Out so here goes: "anyone doing "stamps" (actually 

art of any type, especially for sale) should understand copyright law as 

it pertains to them BEFORE trying to go into business like this. 

Imitating existing styles is illegal and unethical. 

Nothing you draw should be 'inspired' by another artist's work. 

Stamp Out have had a LOT of reports of amateur artists thinking they can 

get into the business by trying to copy Magnolia, Saturated Canary, 

By Lori Designs, Greeting Farm etc. I can't stress how important it is for 

people who want to do this to be creating completely ORIGINAL art 

before they ever put an image onto the Internet where 

everyone can see." 

Thank you all for watching, reading and for supporting 

such a noble cause. xx

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